Superico Bar & Lounge

Interior design, bespoke furntiture & lighting, brand consultant, architectural services & build

Photos by Murray Orr & Alix McIntosh
Brand identity & art direction by Human Resources

Concept sketches..

“Having travelled through various parts of the Americas I wanted to include Mapuche symbols, Aztec shapes and even huge geoglyph wonders such as the Nazca Lines in Peru. But not as a naff, appropriated theme park.

Hence, Superico 99 (Chilean owned bar & lounge) boasts full length, elongated arcs that also play on Art Decorative themes while responding to the arched period features of the Scottish, 19thC bank.

The ‘Pachamama’, solar-worshipping palette of sunrise/sunset hues is centred with a 2-metre diametre supermoon by Italian product design stalwart Davide Groppi, which pays further homage to South American riutals and beliefs, albeit via the use of Japanese paper techniques.”
Jaco Justice

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