JAW are a commercial design & build company presenting projects across Europe, and comprising three of the industry’s distinguished talents..

Head of Operations
Ben MacMillan As founder of Argyll London, commercial clients have included Harrods, Kensington Roof Gardens & Malene Birger. Private residences include a property that laid claimed to the most expensive in the world. Argyll have been involved in several award winning projects and were also the main contractor delivering the largest passivhaus development in the UK (at the time of construction), built on an island in East London.

Head of Design
Laurie MacLean Laurie’s worked at architectural practices in Dublin, New York and Paris in various disciplines ranging from nightclubs and restaurants to major corporation headquarters. Fluent in the French language, she’s ran large-scale hotel and leisure projects in France from conception to construction.

Head of Creative
Jaco Justice: Ja!Coco!
Founder, owner and creative lead of all brand and interior projects at JACOCO. As well as an extensive hospitality and residential portfolio in the UK, Jaco has delivered commercial design projects in Spain.

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